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Source code is Split’s micro-code factory, backed by iOS programmer and self-proclaimed designer Ivan Blagajić.

The first product to be 100% made within the Source code is Vinyl, an application for searching and comparing vinyl record prices. Source code promotes its standard of ethics of digital products and Vinyl guarantees the protection of privacy and respect for users’ time.

Privacy is respected so that no third-party services are used, user movement through the app is not tracked, and the only analytics used is the native one provided by Apple, and users give permission for it if they wish.

Users’ time is respected so that they are not drawn into re-use and constant engagement, but are expected to turn on the application themselves when they need it, use it efficiently and forget about it until the next time.

Want to try Vinyl?

It is available on the App Store (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vinyl-scan-and-see-the-info/id1433818198).

Source code

Adresa: Domovinskog rata 27 c, Split
OIB: 04441220132

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