Unite & Lead - entrepreneurs meetup

In order to encourage entrepreneurship, the Student Entrepreneur Incubator and the association have decided to launch monthly meetups for successful entrepreneurs and young people who have an entrepreneurial idea to help each other through their networking and sharing ideas and advice and thus create a positive and a strong entrepreneurial climate in Split.

Under the name of “Unite & Lead”, the very aim of this kind of social gatherings lies in the fact that entrepreneurs together are leaders and drivers of change in society.


Meetings are conceived as informal gatherings where ideas, experiences and advice in the field of entrepreneurship, business startups and business management will be exchanged.

Networking entrepreneurs contributes to each individual as it comes to collaborative relationships among the drivers of change in the environment, and works for the benefit of the entire community. All entrepreneurs, initiators of entrepreneurial ideas and everyone else who encourage entrepreneurial climate in the community are welcome to the meetings.