Sit back, concentrate and read carefully!

Remake is a full-service marketing agency comprised of young creative forces. We are a specialized team for communication strategies development, digital advertising and design of all communication channels.

We love what we do, and that’s why we should be trusted and given freedom in our work. You should also keep in mind that we never work without joking around (we can’t help but laugh to bad jokes too). We enjoy drinking coffee, and another special passion of ours is brainstorming. What we start together, we also end together.

It is profitable to take risks with our crazy ideas and allow us to think outside the box, as well as to push the boundaries of usual design and marketing campaigns. With us, you will see projects only through colorful glasses since we don’t like greyness.

So, put your sunglasses on our mutual road to success so that the sun doesn’t get into our eyes!

Since 2013, Remake has been successfully meeting all requirements of our clients, among whom we are proud to mention the following: HPB, Knauf, Tommy, Apfel, ERA, Romana Beach Resort, Immortella, Kingtrade, Karisma Hotels Adriatic, WTA Croatia Bol Open and many others.

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