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We are Photomath, a fast-growing EdTech company, the creators of the most popular math learning app in the world.

With the help of computer vision and artificial intelligence, the Photomath app uses the camera of a mobile device to recognize and instantly solve and explain math problems.

The app is available in more than 30 languages ​​and over 195 countries around the world, and solves and explains more than 2 billion math problems a month.

With almost 300 million downloads globally and tens of millions of active users per month, Photomath is one of the most successful Croatian export products ever.

Our mission is to provide mathematical knowledge to anyone and anywhere in the world when they need it.

Since its founding in 2014, Photomath has grown into a global story, currently employing over 160 people (over 75 are engineers) and a large number of students, and has offices in Zagreb (Strojarska 20) and San Mateo, California.

Every year, our experts develop and place new functionalities that take the application to a new level. Some of the biggest projects are the development of: handwriting recognition, animated explanations of basic mathematical concepts, graphical solutions and the entire web platform where mathematicians can apply and earn by solving problems and thus fill Photomath’s database of expertly prepared solutions.

We are actively working on improving our technologies for recognizing and understanding mathematical problems, as well as on systems and tools for creating a variety of excellent mathematical content.

Photomath d.o.o.

Adresa: Strojarska 20, Zagreb

OIB: 20161538488

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