Let’s keep it simple – if your flight is canceled, delayed or you were denied boarding – Claimdon is here for you!

Specifically, Claimdon is the only domestic service that helps passengers achieve their rights in front of airlines in accordance with the EU laws.

Which rights? Well, if you find yourself in one of the above situations you may be entitled to compensation for a loss of time (250 – 600 EUR) and to reimbursement of additional expenses that you incurred while waiting for rerouting.

To help you out with this, we have created an automated system that, in just a few steps, reveals your rights and the amount you could earn. After that, once you empower us to act on your behalf, you can return to your daily routine while our experts negotiate your rights with the airlines.

Finally, the stress that the described flight problems cause to passengers is very familiar to us as we have found ourselves in such situations in the past. Thus, being aware of the importance of stress-free travel – we have made your satisfaction and safety our priority. However, as an additional objective, we decided to encourage socially aware entrepreneurship by way of example. Therefore, after we successfully resolve your complaint, we donate 5% of our fee to a charity of your choice.

So much for now – for any questions, dilemmas and help – we are at your disposal at all times at!