Join and support Split tech (r)evolution

Who are we?

We are an association of individuals and companies dedicated to the development of the technology sector in Split and the region. We will jointly encourage education in technological professions, small and large technological entrepreneurs, development of innovative technology solutions and promote Split as a place where tourism, entertainment and technology successfully meet. Our goal is to create, retain, and restore talent, but also involve all companies, institutions and individuals in building a local technology sector. We would like you to join us…

Who are you?

Are you a startup? Are you a company that has been doing business for 5 years? Are you a company that has been doing business for 10 years? Are you an institution? Are you a nonprofit? Are you an individual? Do you love technology? Do you live technology? Do you love IT? Do you live IT? Do you love Split? Do you live Split? You are ours!

Join us!

The joining process is very simple, and the membership is symbolic. But what you get and what we get if you join us – and all we can achieve together – is very measurable.

We will work on:

  • Increasing the number of tech experts
  • Encouraging and assisting development of startups
  • Increasing the number of technology companies and related to them top jobs
  • Global connectivity with similar organizations in Europe and the world
  • Continually raising the expertise and skills of tech experts
  • Diversity of the profession and internal connectivity between experts and companies, academic community and labor market
Does this sound good to you? But that is not all...

Membership gives you more:

  • Personal and/or company profile on Split Tech City website
  • Unlimited access to job ads
  • Unlimited job postings
  • The possibility of attending free education and seminars
  • Priority access to relevant information
  • Networking and connectivity opportunities
  • Support for activities that you are doing for the benefit of the community
  • Voting rights at our assembly of the association
  • Participation in drafting key documents
  • Participation in the routing of work and development of the association
  • Participation in the projects of the association

Come on, become a member, you know you want it!